Privacy Policy

1. BCNMETROPOL SCHOOL collects a wide range of data from the visitors to its website. The company records the pages visited during a session as well as specific search terms a visitor uses to find us and related data. This data is collected to help the company better understand what its web visitors want so that it can improve its information presentation.

2. All web visit data is collected anonymously i.e. the company does not know who you are.

3. If you fill out one of the forms on our website to request for a brochure or for help, the data is stored in a secure database which can only be accesses by authorized staff.

4. BCNMETROPOL SCHOOL never shares its data with third parties.

5. BCNMETROPOL SCHOOL will NEVER contact you without your consent other than to confirm receipt of a brochure request or other query.

6. You can always request access to your data and/or request to have your data completely removed from our databases.

7. Email: for such requests or for more information.

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